Nevadans Against Common Core (Nevada Academic Content Standards)

COMMON CORE IS BEING ROLLED OUT TO 50,000,000 u.s. CHILDREN Simultaneously without being tested first

The introduction to this PBS story by John Merrow states, "A MAJOR EXPERIMENT IS UNDERWAY IN AMERICAN PUBLIC EDUCATION."

Valerie Strauss education reporter for the Washington Post states:

"Written mostly by academics and assessment experts—many with ties to testing companies—the COMMON CORE STANDARDS HAVE NEVER BEEN FULLY IMPLEMENTED AND TESTED IN REAL SCHOOLS ANYWHERE." 

This Washington Post ARTICLE with video titled, Bill Gates: ‘It would be great if our education stuff worked but…' Bill Gates, the major contributor to CC, and the review of CC. At the 45:20 point Mr. Gates said, “It would be great if our education stuff worked, but that we won’t know for probably a decade.” The author correctly points out, "Gates says he won’t know if the reforms he is funding will work for another decade. But teachers can lose their jobs now because of reforms he is funding. Education reform should not be driven by private philanthropists with their own agendas, however well-intentioned."


From an educational point of view, it makes absolutely no sense to roll out these standards to the entire United States prior to ever testing them in even one school.  Implementing the standards in this manner is only good for one thing - the profits of the publishing/testing companies.  Unfortunately it is our children and country that could ultimately pay the price.