Nevadans Against Common Core (Nevada Academic Content Standards)

David Coleman, "I'm just going to say one word about my own origination,  Student Achievement Partners.  Student Achievement Partners, all you need to know about us are a couple things, one is we're composed of that collection of unqualified people who were involved in  developing the common standards."

The most powerful man in u.s. education

david coleman

Mr. Coleman was the architect of CC, now Mr. Coleman is president of the College Board.  The College Board is responsible for the SAT and all the high school AP classes.

Here are Mr. Coleman's credentials.

“He’s been involved in virtually every step of setting the national standards and he doesn’t have a single credential for it.”

Coleman's Response

“You know, you’d think someone with Lauren’s experience would understand you never tell the truth when you’re introducing someone.”

The most powerful man in American education, "doesn't have a single credential for it."

David Coleman, "When I was involved in convincing governors and others around this country, to adopt these standards, it was not 'Obama likes them.'  Do you think that would have gone well with the Republican/Democrat?" 

So much for the "state lead" myth some Common Core proponents still claim.  It is also interesting to hear Coleman lump the Republicans and Democrats together.  This begs the questions where is the most powerful man in American education politically.