Incline High School (IHS) administrators want your child to share personal data via a 1:1 device (laptop or tablet)

With a 1:1 device your child will be the only one using the device, making it a tool for others to collect an incredible amount of student data (not just scores) about your child.

  • Google "Knewton - Education Datapalooza" and watch the YouTube video at the 6-minute mark to begin to understand what student information companies will collect: "More data about (your child) than any company has about anybody…                                         

  • The NY Times, Politico, Atlantic Journal-Constitution, American Thinker, Education Week, and the Washington Post have written about Student Data Mining (SDM) via 1:1 devices. To summarize: If your child uses an IHS issued 1:1 device you will never know what data was collected about your child (and family), how it will be analyzed, how long it will be stored, who will gain access to it, and most importantly how it may affect their college, career, and future plans.

  • Per UCLA, Princeton, MIT, and Psychology Today there are physiological and psychological issues and lower test scores associated with increased use of devices.

  • Unless you want your current or future IHS student to inadvertently share an incredible amount of data (bullet one) while using a school issued 1:1 device 1-2 hours per day, get involved now before it’s too late!

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