Nevadans Against Common Core (Nevada Academic Content Standards)


4/01/15 Assembly Education Committee Hearing on AB 303 the bill to stop Common Core in Nevada.  Thank you Assemblyman Jones.  Hearing from
From 9:50 – 2:53:45
Public comments, Don Gallimore, John Eppolito, and Virginia Starrett from 2:05:17 to 2:40:20 then Senator Hammond speaks until about 2:52:20 then Assemblyman Jones wraps things up.

Chairwoman Woodbury never allowed a vote on AB 303.

4/27/14 SB 75 was heard by the Assembly Education Committee. 
At 59:00 the lobbyist for CCSD talks about SB 75, an SBAC testing bill.
1:01:38 Assemblyman Munford introduces an amendment to allow parents an opt-out of SBAC testing. 
1:09:35 Ginger Starrett speaks about the opt-out amendment.
1:11:45 I speak about the opt-out amendment and summarize the current problem with SBAC testing here in Nevada.
Several other people testified, all but one, in favor of the amendment.

5/05/15 Senate Education Committee
1:30:10 – 1:31:46  My Public Comments on Common Core and SBAC testing

5/05/15 Senate Finance Committee
1:21:35 – 1:25:10  My Public Comments on Common Core and SBAC testing

5/06/15 Assembly Education Committee, Chairwoman Woodbury would not allow Assemblyman Munford’s amendment to be heard, even though the amendment was not heard Assemblyman Gardner said he supported it.
SB 75 Work Session and Assemblyman Munford’s comments 45:52 to 48:33
My Comments and interaction with Chairwoman Woodbury 53:12 to 56:06 For the record I did not have an issue with the committee I had an issue with the Chairwoman.

5/18/15 Assembly Floor Session,
Assemblyman Brent Jones attempts to add an amendment to SB 75 allowing an opt-out of SBAC testing. 
Watch from 12:14 to 13:49

5/23/15  Assembly Ways and Means meeting. 
The language saying personally identifiable information of the student belongs to the parent and student was removed from the bill with Amendment 934, to date no one can tell me who removed the language and left the students and their data vulnerable.

The session was very frustrating to me, because it seemed none of the legislative leaders were looking out for the children. 

At the 1:40 mark my public comments about the gutting of SB 463

5/27/15 Senate Committee of the Whole
My comments and interaction with Chair Roberson,
from 1:50:00 to 1:54:45.
Since we haven't got to discuss CC in NV yet, I thought it was important to get this information out while ALL the Senators were in one place...I think it went well, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

5/30/15…Assembly Committee of the Whole
I testified in opposition to AB 464, the governor’s huge tax increase.
From to 2:05:04 to 2:06:24

In regards to education my impression of the session is that it was controlled by Governor Sandoval, a few key leaders, and lobbyists - many of whom will make money of Common Core, the SBAC (testing) and collecting, storing, and sharing our children’s data. 
The leaders who effectively silenced the parents are:
Assembly Education Chairwoman Melissa Woodbury
Senate Education Chairwoman Becky Harris
Assembly Speaker John Hambrick

Assembly Majority Leader Paul Anderson
Senate Speaker Michael Roberson