Nevadans Against Common Core (Nevada Academic Content Standards)

When it comes to Refusing (opting-out) of the SBAC exam the U.S. Supreme Court is on your side.  Click here for two page document to present to school officials.  

Or you can get the six page document from the FairTest website here,  

If your school tries to tell you they may lose funding if they do not have 95% participation on the SBAC remind them that New York had 20% opt out statewide, with some districts between 70-80% of students opting out of Common Core tests.  New York will NOT be losing any federal funds for opt-outs.  If any school, school district, or state looses federal funds for opt-outs it would be precedence setting, and it is VERY unlikely. 

Thanks to the Nevada Department of Education  your school may tell you they will become a One Star School if they do not have 95% participation on the SBAC (Click here for the Participation Letter).  If they do, let them know our goal is to have EVERY school in the state have over 5% of students refuse to take the SBAC test.  Please note, many teachers will support you in your decision to refuse the test.