Nevadans Against Common Core (Nevada Academic Content Standards)

WCSD Board Meeting 8/09/16

John Eppolito's Comments and our questions to Washoe County School District

Introduction – President Protect Nevada Children, former K-12 Teacher, 3 kids in WCSD schools
Edmodo is a “free” third party software provider several schools in the District use. 
Well free to the District - Edmodo is paid with OUR CHILDREN’S DATA.
(From 1:37:45 to 1:43:00)

We think thousands of children in the District have created Edmodo accounts without first getting their parent’s approval... 

This is a problem because Edmodo’s Terms of Service agreement says minors MUST get parent approval before using Edmodo.


1) How many minor students in the district have signed up for Edmodo accounts without parent approval?

2) What will the District do with all the illegitimate accounts?

3) School started yesterday; will the District continue to allow minor children to sign up for Edmodo accounts without parent approval?

4) 50 days ago, just after school ended, we first asked for - The online document students must agree to prior to using Edmodo.

When will we get it?

Will the District continue to Stonewall us?

In Edmodo’s Privacy Policy it is stated they will share our Children’s Personal Information with others; they also tell us user information may be transferred or “acquired” by a third party.

 An incredible amount of student data will be generated and analyzed by Edmodo and parties they share our children’s data with.

5) Who will Edmodo share our children’s personal data with?

6) Will Edmodo, or the others, ever delete our children’s data?

A Data Broker is someone who sells personal data to third parties.

7) Is Edmodo a Data Broker?

If not - is there anything in their ToS or Privacy Policy that would prevent them, or one of the parties they share student data with, from becoming a Data Broker in the future?

Edmodo tells us their agreements can be changed at any time.

In CA companies like Edmodo can only, “amass a profile” on students for educational purposes.

8) Will Edmodo be “amassing a profile” on our children?
If yes –
A) How will it affect their future?
B) Will it be a psychological profile?

9) Since Edmodo is paid with student data instead of cash exactly how will student data be stored, shared, used, and analyzed?


10) Will parents ever have access to the data and how it was analyzed by Edmodo & the others?

For the sake of the children, their privacy, and their future we hope the District will quit stonewalling us and answer all our questions in a timely manner.