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Washoe County School District holds Private 1:1 Meeting at Incline High School

In a 1:1 program a student is assigned a laptop or tablet.  That student will be the only one who uses that device; making it easy for software/application providers and third parties to view, store, analyze, and share student data.  If your child uses a school issued 1:1 device you will have no idea what student data is collected and stored, how it will be analyzed, who will gain access to it, and most importantly how it will affect their future.

On 4/29/16 there was a private meeting at Incline High School between Superintendent Davis, several high ranking Washoe County School District (WCSD) employees, Incline High School administration, and the Incline High School (IHS) Boosters Board to discuss a proposed 1:1 program at IHS.  I was told by: Incline High School Principal Hermann, Vice Principal Yoxsimer, a couple high ranking district employees, and Superintendent Davis I could not attend the meeting because I was only a booster's member and not a booster's board member.  I know one community member with no children or grandchildren in Incline schools who was invited to the meeting; yet a parent (me) with three children who will be impacted by what happens at this meeting was not allowed to attend.  Prior to the meeting WCSD Trustee Howard Rosenberg, and WCSD Trustee candidate Bill Horn let WCSD district employees including Superintendent Davis know what they thought:

WCSD Trustee Howard Rosenberg:
"You go to the meeting on Friday.  If anyone stops you, tell them that Trustee Rosenberg said for you to be there.  And if they want to start the third world war they won't let you stay. It's really very simple.  Every one of those kinds of meetings should be subject to the open meeting law.  So go, OK!"

Bill Horn Former IVGID General Manager and WCSD Trustee candidate in District G:
"John has a right to speak at the meeting."

I did not want to start world war three, or speak.  I told Superintendent Davis before the meeting, I just wanted to listen and learn more about a proposed 1:1 program.  The local administrators and superintendent did not waiver; I honored their request and did not show up at the meeting.  This program could have a huge impact on all the students in our community, and decisions this important should not be made in private meetings. 

Apparently WCSD approved the program discussed at the “invitation only” meeting.

I know most of the members of the IHS Boosters Board and in my opinion they are good people trying to do something good for the students of IHS.  I was encouraged by WCSD employees to meet with a couple members of the booster's board before the private meeting, so I did.  It was apparent to me the board's intentions were good; but unfortunately it was also clear they knew very little about the Student Data Mining aspects of student issued 1:1 devices. 
To learn more about Student Data Mining and 1:1 devices view our Facebook Page: Protect Nevada Children.

John Eppolito  -  -  President Protect Nevada Children  -  Former K-12 teacher